We are 26 years old.
We are smart, creative, confident and comfortable within ourselves. 
Freedom and adventures - our best friends. Our styles? Classic to tomboy to romantic bohemian. 
We keep it busy and push life to its limits.
We love to travel and hanging out with our friends.
People like us because we are funny and up for anything!  
We are those people where the party never starts without us!
Does it sound familiar to you? You are Born on Friday! x  

BORN ON FRIDAY is a first sustainable fashion brand based in the Kyrgyz Republic. All our materials are locally produced and 100% natural and ecofriendly. Central Asia is perhaps the only place on Earth that still able to enjoy organic goods gifted by mother nature. It is well known that Kyrgyz Republic is the poorest country among former Soviet republics, we don't have any large corporate factories and thus our production is slow and has zero waste. Main material we work with is wool felt. Wool preparations are happening individually by each artisan's family or farmers inside their homes. Your one purchase will literally benefit the whole community. The whole village can enjoy sustainable growth, thanks to our customers from around the world. Yes we are able to ship worldwide for only $15USD if your order is lower 2 kg, and for $50 if its over 2 kg.
We've been working and helping artisans since 2014, and we are now experts in handicraft sector. There are many artisans in this region, however we chose to work only with the best, who commit to quality and sustainable norms, thus encouraging more artisans to follow sustainable trends! We carefully choose our treasure collections, this is why our product range is small. 
We constantly increasing our products in following categories: accessories, home decor and clothing. All handmade by artisans. 
Please note we do wholesales.
Every 5$ from each purchase will be donated to the Tibetan Nuns Project to help them build new Study Center.   
We express huge respect to our incredible artisan friends who make it possible for us to look beautiful, while making the difference.  

Founder Aigana Abdrazakova, you may contact her directly at aigana@bornonfriday.com, in case you want to know further details.
Born on Friday is open for collaborations. 

All our products are handcrafted in the Kyrgyz Republic, our
address is Turusbekova 35, Bishkek, 720010