Luxury Handbag Aruarian Dance

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Coordinate this handbag with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear.

Function and Fashion All in One Handbag
Aruarian Dance bag is all about elegance and comfort.
Her neutral tones make it easy to pair it with any outfit you wear all year around.
Perfect to store your business must-haves.

 Texture that Feels Wonderful in Hands 

Made from 100% natural wool and premium silk.
Wool is a very strong material that will survive everyday use for years.  

 Hand-Crafted to a Standard of Perfection 

Proudly made in Kyrgyzstan by lovely ladies from Mol Art handicraft organization. Handmade accessories bring more value, because it is truly exclusive piece of beauty. Supporting artisans is pretty unique experience. One bag has an amazing story behind it. 

 A lil' bit about me...

“I was made from 100% merinos wool,
100% natural silk

My lock and detachable straps are metallic
W: 15in x H: 12in 
My strap is 25 inch long
I prefer only dry cleaning!
It takes 4-5 days to recreate me.”