New Shyrdak

"Jaz" Wool Felt Rug

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Here, where this carpet is coming from, people call it "shirdak" - for many centuries these beautiful handmade felt rugs decorated yurts of Central Asian nomads.

Each rug carries a message and a positive wish for the future owner.
Jaz (zhaz) - spring, representing a new life, new beginnings.

 Size: 1,20 x 1,70 meters
Weight: 4 kg
Materials: Wool
100% Handmade
Made in Kyrgyz Republic 
Producer: New Shyrdak (providing sustainable income for
27 women from different parts of republic) 

Read symbols:
  - Mother and a child   - Descendants  

Today, shirdak is a national heritage of the Kyrgyz Republic.
It takes two month for women to create one such carpet. Unfortunately, only older generation knows how to make these rugs, since the process is too hard and long, younger women don't want to continue these legacy, because this type of carpets are no longer in demand due to global trends in Persian carpets or cheap rugs made in China.

Buying one such carpet will support one family from a village in Kyrgyzstan and perhaps will increase chances to save this unique traditional art founded by nomads.