New Shyrdak

"Salbai" Wool Felt Rug

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Uniqueness of Kyrgyz traditional rugs lays in their rich history and social meaning. 
Each rug carries a unique message and good wishes for the future owner. 
This rug carries symbols of "Umai Ene" - a myth about mother deer who protects from any misfortune, "salbai" - soldiers: again protector, "köökör" stands for hospitality and wealth (a leather flask to carry a drink)

 Size: 1,60 x 2,10 meters
Metarials: Wool
Made in the Kyrgyz Republic
Production: New Shyrdak (provides stable income for
27 women from Kyrgyzstan's villages)

Read symbols:

kookor-kyrgyz-ornament-meaning - köökör -> hospitability   salbai- soldier-kyrgyz-pattern-meaning-shyrdak - salbai -> protector 

Here, local people call it "shyrdak" - stitched together two pieces of wool layers of different color, transforming into mosaic piece of art. It takes two month for women artisan to create one shyrdak, usually whole family gets involved into process!